Online Courses

To access training in ICON:

  1. Log on to Self Service
  2. Click on the “My Training” link (on the Personal Tab, under Learning and Development)
  3. My Training is now within the Compliance & Qualifications application; you may need to select “My Training” at the top and “Enroll in Courses”
  4. In the Search box, enter the Course Number or at least part of the Course Title
  5. Select View Details and then Enroll in the Course Session

Once you have enrolled in the course you can either complete the course immediately, or return to Self Service -> My Training -> My Courses -> Currently Enrolled Courses and access the course at a later date by clicking on the title of the course.

Available courses from Grant Accounting:

  • Award Notice
  • Getting Started

 Last updated: 01/05/2023