Research Subject Compensation Form (Cash Handling)

Accounting & Financial Reporting (AFR) distributed the following email announcing the addition of the Research Subject Compensation workflow form.  This replaces the paper version of the form that was used previously to request approval for research subject cash handling procedures when cash or cash equivalents were to be distributed to research subjects.  Please see below for additional information regarding the form.

There were some other changes to the Research Subject Compensation Cash Handling Policy & Procedures implemented with the new form including revision to the required role responsibilities, which specifically incorporates changes to the PI and Disburser roles, and a new training document that was created specifically for individuals who are assigned a role.  As a reminder, anyone who has an assigned role within a research subject cash handling procedure must complete training.  This training can now be done by reviewing the Training Material with the Departmental Research Administrator instead of completing the Online Cash Handling ICON course that was previously required.

Anyone in your unit who is responsible for disbursing cash or cash equivalents to research subjects, should review the revised Research Subject Compensation – Cash Handling Policy & Procedure here:

From: Martin, Selina J
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2018 2:42 PM
Subject: Research Subject Compensation Form (Cash Handling)

Business Officers,

At last Friday’s quarterly meeting, I provided an update on the status of forms migrating to Universal Workflow.  I’m pleased to let you know that one of those forms, the Research Subject Compensation Form is now in production.  Information on research subject compensation cash handling compliance, roles, process and training can be found at  You may find the form itself in the “Submission” section of the website.

Some important information:

  • This form will route for approval as follows:  Initiator à Departmental Research Administrator (if not initiator) à Accounting and Financial Reporting.
  • Once completed in Workflow, a notification will be sent to:  Form Initiator, Business Officer and Departmental Research Administrator.
  • The Form Initiator should attach the notification email to the HawkIRB application.

This message will also be distributed to the Research Administrator listserv.

Thank you,

Selina Martin

Selina Martin | Associate Controller | 319.335.0728 |
The University of Iowa | Finance & Operations | 4M Jessup Hall | Iowa City, IA  52242
Accounting & Financial Reporting
Capital Assets Management

Publish Date: 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018