State of Iowa Agencies

Department of Administrative Services

Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

Department of Justice

Department for the Blind

Civil Rights Commission

Department of Commerce - Insurance Division

Department of Commerce - Utilities Division

First Judicial District

Sixth Judicial District

Seventh Judicial District

Eight Judicial District

Department of Corrections

Iowa Prison Industries

Fort Dodge Correctional Facility

Department of Cultural Affairs (including Iowa Arts Council and Iowa Historical Society)

Department Economic Development

Department of Education

Department of Education - Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

College Student Aid Commission

Iowa Public Television

Department on Aging

Office of Energy Independence

Department of Workforce Development

Iowa Communications Network

Department of Human Rights

Department of Human Services

Glenwood Resource Center

Department of Inspections and Appeals

Judicial Branch

Department of Management

Department of Natural Resources

Department of Public Defense - Military Division

Department of Public Defense - Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division

Department of Public Health

Department of Public Safety (including Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau)

Rebuild Iowa Office

Board of Regents

Braille and Sight Saving School

State University of Iowa

Iowa State University

University of Northern Iowa

Department of Revenue

Office of Secretary of State

Governor's Office on Drug Control Policy

Department of Transportation

Treasurer of State

Commission of Veterans Affairs - Iowa Veterans Home

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