Universal Closeout Workbook

Procedures for the Universal Closeout Workbook


The Universal Closeout Workbook (UCW) is used by Grant Accounting (GAO) to create a uniform, consistent process to communicate with departmental contacts to support timely closeout of externally sponsored awards and ensure accurate final invoices and/or financial reports are submitted to sponsors by their deadlines. 


In addition to other monitoring, GAO will review awards at final closeout.  Requests for additional information are compiled in the UCW and sent to the PI Dept Research Admin contact/Alternative Research Admin contact (Department). 

These tabs will always be included: 

  1. Totals – Used by GAO to combine the Budget or Receipts and Cumulative Expenditures from the Financial Summary for the most recent month available, with adjustments from the GAO review to determine the final cumulative expenditures and Expense to Budget variances.
  2. Dept Recon – Provided for the Department to identify adjustments and calculate the final cumulative cost amount.
  3. Questions for Dept – Used by GAO to request additional information from the Department that is necessary to finalize the closeout of the award.  Questions and/or transactions will be included, and space is provided for the Department’s response. 
  4. Pending Adjs – Used by Department to identify transactions that have not been posted to and/or should be removed from the award.  This could include:
    1. Expenses Yet to Post – Expenses (or credits) that have NOT posted to the general ledger (as of the day GAO sent the UCW) that should be included in the cumulative expenditures.  Documentation for these transactions must be attached with the response. 
    2. Expenses to be CVd to the Award.  These are expenses that have posted to another MFK and need to be moved onto the award.   Note: All CVs must follow the Cost Transfer Policies and Guidelines and a Cost Transfer Justification Form must be provided when necessary.
    3. Expenses to be CVd off the Award.  These are expense that have posted to the award that need to be moved to another MFK. 

Other tabs will be included as applicable, including Subcomponents, MTD, Effort Commitments, Cost share Totals, program income, budget categories, and/or NRSA training/fellowships.  These tabs will include a brief description at the top to provide more information. 


GAO will indicate a due date in the subject line of the email when sending the UCW to the Department.  It is important to return the completed UCW by this deadline to ensure that GAO is able to submit the final invoice, report, or draw request by the sponsor deadline.  Failure to meet the sponsor-imposed deadline could delay payment or future funding from the sponsor, and in a worst-case, result in non-payment of otherwise allowable costs.

last review 10/31/2022