UI Web Applications

There are a multitude of UI web applications available to aid in managing your grants and contracts.  Most are available through Employee Self Service.  Some require an access request form to be completed in order to obtain access.


UI Web Application Description Department/
AP/PO Peoplesoft Web Applications View status and search for information related to: vendors, purchase orders, invoices applied to PO’s, payments, voucher reports and voucher history from the General Ledger accounting system. Accounts Payable/
Cumulative Compensation DSS View and/or download cumulative compensation payroll reports by WhoKey or individual. Accounting and Financial Reporting
eDeposits Submit or review deposit information for checks and credit card transactions. Treasury Operations
Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) View and reconcile Transaction Detail Reports (TDR); View other administrative reports. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Electronic Financial Reports - Grant Reports View and reconcile Transaction Detail Reports for grants and contracts (fund 500 and 510 accounts); Includes expandable budget category data, Cumulative (life-to-date) summaries and static award information.  Grant Accounting Office
E-Pro Process payments to individuals or entities for non-employment compensation. Includes e-Vouchers, PReqs or ProTrav vouchers. Accounts Payable/
Effort Reporting - WebPAR Identify and certify selected faculty and staff effort distributions. Grant Accounting Office
General Ledger DSS View and/or download General Ledger related reports and query tools.  Includes summary reports (by Org or Dept), balance sheet reports, Transaction Detail Report (TDR), SA3 and MFK Validation. Accounting and Financial Reporting
GL Journal Entry Initiate new journal entries to the General Ledger that have not posted previously to the accounting system. Corrections to previously-posted transactions should continue to be submitted through the Web CV application. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Grant DSS View financial reports for sponsored projects.  Different than the standard EFR reports, the Grant DSS reports/data allow additional flexibility to easily download and query financial and management data for sponsored awards and cost sharing accounts.  Also includes documentation on the data tables and fields.  Grant Accounting Office
HR Transaction System Submit various appointment and Change In Status forms. Human Resources - Information Management
Pay CV Submit retroactive accounting-only payroll/fringe changes to transactions that utilize Institutional Accounts between 5000 and 5998. This option should only be used when it is not necessary to update the appointment status of an individual in the Human Resources Information System. Accounting and Financial Reporting
Pro Trav Reconcile and view departmental Procurement Card transaction data (Pcard Vouchers) and process travel-related forms. Accounts Payable/
Property Management Online (PMO) View equipment reports from University's asset management system. Capital Assets Management (CAM) Reports
UIRIS Database that stores all external funding data.  UIRIS is where you will find the UI Routing Form, Internal Funding  Programs.  Can be accessed at uiris.research.uiowa.edu. Division of Sponsored Programs
Web CV Submit retroactive cost transfers on revenue and non payroll/fringe transactions. Available via SA3 report in General Ledger DSS. Accounting and Financial Reporting
WhoKey Administration Application Manage WhoKey role assignments and edit WhoKey purpose definition. Accounting and Financial Reporting

Last updated: 01/09/2023