Part II Definitions

Sponsored/Organized Activities

Note: If there are no projects listed in this section, the PCT EFFORT boxes will not be displayed.  Please continue on to the Other Activities section that follows to complete the PAR.

Sponsored Instruction

This category includes instructional activities funded by external sponsors and is limited to projects in funds 500 & 510, with a function code of 10.

Organized Research

This includes all activity related to a specific externally sponsored research project or to separately budgeted University research.  Effort for independent research and study, under fellowships, not administered by the University while faculty member is on leave of absence without pay should not be included on this report.  If effort is allocated to this category, the appropriate 8-digit grant/program ID(s) must be provided if not already displayed on the form.  The funding sources for these activities must include a function code of 20 or 21.

Examples include:

  • Planning of and experimental work on the awarded project
  • Preparation of project results
  • Supervision of employees on project
  • Correspondence and general participation in project related activities
  • Readings directed toward project goals
  • Administrative effort related to a specific project
  • Meetings related to the specific sponsored project

Note: For Faculty and Research Scientists who receive awards listed below (commonly referred to as “K” awards), the effort funded by these awards may be posted to the award directly or in some cases to other related sponsored projects.  Please contact your departmental administrator, Grant Accounting representative or PAR Administration for assistance.

  • Clinical Investigator Awards
  • Research Scientist Awards
  • Physician Scientist Awards
  • Research Career Development Awards

Other Sponsored Activity

Effort on externally sponsored projects, funds 500 and 510 only, with functions other than research (function code 20) or instruction (function code 10) should be reported here.  If effort is allocated to this category, the appropriate 8-digit grant/program ID(s) must be provided if not already displayed on the form.

Examples include:

  • Outreach programs which do not qualify as instruction or research
  • Service on an advisory committee for the government when the University is reimbursed
  • Community and health service work supported by outside organizations
  • Demonstration projects not classified as research or instruction

Cost Sharing Activities

 Effort which is contributed to externally sponsored activities at the University’s expense should be reported here.  If effort is required under this category, specific accounting information will be displayed on the form.

Other Activities

This section of the PAR is where any effort on non-sponsored activities should be reported.  These activities do not need to tie to specific funding sources so none are listed.

Non-Sponsored Instructions

Teaching activities - examples include:

  • Scheduled courses
  • Curriculum development
  • Continuing education (excluding overload assignment, paid by payroll voucher)
  • Academic advising
  • Supervising undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in work not related to sponsored agreements
  • Short courses, meetings, developmental assignments or Old Gold Summer Fellowships related to instruction

Departmental Research

Research effort supported by department, college, Graduate College, or Old Gold Summer Fellowship funds, not separately budgeted should be reported here.  This also includes developmental assignments related to research.  Effort related to separately budgeted University research and to externally sponsored research projects should be reported under Sponsored Research.

Proposal review for external agencies (e.g., NIH study sections) for which no additional compensation is received should also be included here.

Institutional Review Boards

Effort is to be filled in here only by individuals who serve on any of the Research Regulatory Committees, including Institutional Review Boards, Institutional Animal Care and Use, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Radiation Safety Committee and Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Programs Committee.

Collegiate and Departmental Administration

In most instances this category will be used by Departmental Executives and other persons who have immediate responsibility for overall departmental function, or those who have had an official committee appointment to serve on a departmental or collegiate committee.  If faculty or professionals other than departmental executive officers assign effort to this category, the effort must benefit more than one function of the department, including sponsored projects.

  • General Department Activities
    • Policy and other committee work including representing college on Faculty Senate or faculty evaluation committee
    • Assigning faculty workloads
    • Preparing departmental budgets
    • Planning departmental operations
    • Providing services such as statistical, supportive of, but not chargeable to, sponsored projects
    • Writing and/or reviewing proposals (any post award administrative effort to a specific sponsored project should be posted to the Sponsored Research/Other Sponsored Activity category)
    • Professional development related jointly to all aspects of the department (short courses, professional meetings, developmental assignments)
  • Hospital Patient Related Committees and Administrative Activities
    • General management functions related to inpatient services, clinic services and operating room services and general supervision of laboratory, radiological and other such hospital diagnostic and therapeutic services
    • Facilities planning, services on the hospital H.A.C. standing and ad hoc committees and other hospital patient care program activities
  • House Staff Program Administration
    • House Staff recruitment and selection, program development, rotation scheduling, committee activities and other such program management functions

University Wide Administration

Service on University wide charter or ad hoc committees such as parking, funded retirement, Graduate Council, academic computer service, campus planning, human rights, University libraries, Research Council, and Staff Council should be reported here.

Other University Activities

This category includes all University funded activities not covered above, including community service, service to professional organizations and patient care activities that are funded through the Faculty Practice Plan.

VA Concurrent Appointment Activities

This category will appear on the Effort survey for faculty who have concurrent appointments with Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC).  All VAMC activities should be pooled and reported as a single percent on the University effort survey.