PAR Instructions

Instructions for Completing PAR Form

Please read all instructions and definitions carefully before recording any effort distribution.

Align all entries opposite the respective Master File Keys (MFKs) or functions.  The 8-digit grant/program ID element of the MFK is required to identify sponsored research, sponsored instruction or other sponsored activity and affiliated cost sharing activities.  A box is provided to allow you to enter this information if you are reporting effort for a sponsored project that is not already listed on the form.

Report all effort in whole percentage points.

The WEB PAR is designed to allow it to be worked on and saved in draft form.  Corrections can be made at any time before final submission of the PAR.  When a PAR is saved as draft or saved and submitted as final, an automated review process will compare effort posted to sponsored activities to the salary charged to these activities. If effort is less than corresponding salary funding, a warning will be displayed.  These warnings will not prevent a PAR from being submitted, but they will flag the PAR for review by Grant Accounting as well as departmental and collegiate administration.

The automated review will also check to see if the total effort equals 100%.  A PAR can be saved as draft when the total percent effort posted is less than 100%, but a PAR cannot be submitted as final if this error exists.

If changes need to be made after the PAR is submitted as final, contact Grant Accounting at to have the PAR reopened.  In some situations, special instructions will be attached to a WEB PAR.  These instructions will be displayed each time the PAR is opened, and can be redisplayed by clicking the message box at the top of the PAR.

Last reviewed: 12/26/2022