How Gifts Flow to the University

The University Center for Advancement

All gifts should be directed to the UI Center for Advancement (UICA).

  • The University has designated the UICA, an allied organization, as its preferred solicitor, recipient of and channel for private gifts intended to benefit the University.
  • The UICA retains donor intent information for accounts held by the UI Center for Advancement.
  • Once a gift account is established, funds from a gift can be requested by the department via an Expense Claim in UICA software Acumatica.
  • The UICA sends gift funds to the University via ACH with a spreadsheet of itemized details.
  • Departments should process transfer requests on a timely basis, at least quarterly, to cover gift expenditures.

The University of Iowa

Some donors choose to give gifts directly to the University.

  • Gifts can be given in the form of cash, check, land or physical donations.
    • Some people send gifts to departments/colleges directly.  In most cases, checks made out to The University of Iowa cannot be deposited at the UI Foundation.
  • Monetary gifts need to be deposited into the appropriate UI account.
    • Scholarship specific gifts are identified with a fund 525.
    • All others are identified with a fund 520.
  • Consideration of the donor intent will determine the appropriate UI account.
    • Unique accounts should be established to track specific donor intent.
    • Discretionary gift accounts can be used when donor intent does not include a specific purpose.
  • Non-Monetary gifts need to be reviewed and processed accordingly.  Work with the Grant Accounting Office (GAO) to process these types of gifts.
  • Departments are responsible for retaining documentation to support donor and donor intent information.
  • All gifts deposited by the University, GAO will send donor contact information and gift amount to UICA, to generate acknowledgement letter.

Last updated: 12/16/2022