Quick Reference Guide for Sponsored Project Expenditures

Sponsored projects are to be charged directly for the types of directs costs that are:

  • allowable under the terms and conditions of the sponsored agreement
  • consistently treated as direct cost under like circumstances
  • reasonable and necessary for the performance of the sponsored agreement
  • allocated based on the proportional benefit to the project.

The PDF icon Quick Reference for Sponsored Project Expenditures provides guidance on whether a particular type of cost that is reasonable and necessary for the performance of the agreement is treated as a direct cost of sponsored projects and under what circumstances it may be treated differently. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive and does not preclude the need to look at the terms of specific sponsored agreements. See The University of Iowa Accounting Code Manual for an entire list of all types of costs within the University's General Ledger.

Last reviewed: 01/09/2023