Financial Reports (EFR-Grant Summary Reports)

Grant financial status reports are provided monthly through Employee Self Service in the Electronic Financial Report (EFR) Portal on the Grant Report tab.  Reports are provided through the Inbox for those who have been assigned a role (for example, Owner/PI, Reviewer, or Research Administrator).  See Grant Reports Distribution Role Definitions for a summary of roles and how they are assigned.  The reports can also be accessed through the Ad Hoc Search tool. 

Generally reports are available by the 2nd working day after the last day of the month.   For specific information regarding the monthly closing calendar, see the Accounting & Financial Reporting Summary of All Deadlines

The EFR/Grant Reports include the follow reports:

  • Financial Summary: summary of cumulative budget/revenue and expenditures by budget category
  • IACT Recap: revenue and expense recap by institutional account within budget categories
  • Transaction Detail: direct link to Transaction Detail Reports
  • Payroll Summary: summary of pay and fringe for all individuals paid on the award by pay period begin and end date
  • Subaward Summary: summary of payment by Purchase Order made to Subrecipient vendor(s)
  • Cost Share Summary: actual expenditures incurred by budget category on a Cost Share account
  • Key Personnel Committed Effort: identifies Key Personnel, Effort Period and the individual’s Committed/Funded Effort for awards that require effort monitoring
  • Award Information: additional attributes of the award

See the PDF icon Grant Reports User Manual for information on additional features.

The Transaction Detail Report (TDR) is a monthly electronic report which provides revenue and expense transaction detail by account. The Monthly Review of Transactions and Accounts policy requires that financial transactions for each account be reviewed and reconciled on a monthly basis.  As a result, Transaction Detail Reports are expected to be reviewed and reconciled on a monthly basis.  The report includes a feature that allows reconciliation at the transaction or account level. 

See the TDR User Manual for information on additional features.

There are a variety of other web applications available to assist with the financial management of awards.

The following documents provide information for mapping the general ledger's Institutional Accounts to the budget categories found within the grant financial statements.