Obtaining Sponsor Funds

The Grant Accounting Office is responsible for ensuring that all funds related to externally sponsored projects are requested and received as expected.  The method for collecting funds will vary by sponsor and type of award.  The most common methods are:

  • Drawing or requesting funds from a designated federal payment system.
  • Submitting an invoice or financial report to request reimbursement (for more information, see GAO Invoicing and Account Receivable Policy and Procedure)
  • Automatic payments based on a pre-defined schedule or
  • Completion of project milestones or tasks

The most common types of awards are cost-reimbursement, fixed price, capitation or a combination of these.  Requests submitted to sponsors for cost-reimbursement type awards are based on transactions that have posted to the University general ledger account for the applicable invoicing period as of the most recent closed accounting month.  Encumbrances are not included.  Departments are responsible for ensuring that costs are allowable, reasonable and allocable to the project (see Costing Considerations for additional information).  Additionally, Departments are also responsible for monitoring and resolving deficit balance timely (see Accounts in Deficit Status for additional information).

Last Reviewed: 01/09/2023