After the PAR is Submitted

PAR not Completed

100% compliance on PAR completion is required.  The University PAR Administrator will make every effort to utilize departmental contacts to see that all effort reports are submitted before the deadline.  When this is not successful, appropriate collegiate officials are notified.

PAR Incorrectly Completed

The Web application provides a warning message when the effort entered to federally funded activities, including cost sharing, do not match salary funding.  Although the PAR can be submitted regardless of these warnings, these PARs will be reviewed to determine if the variance is acceptable.  Grant Accounting will work with departmental administrators and the surveyed individuals to resolve variances.

A PAR can be saved as draft if effort does not total to 100%, but a PAR cannot be submitted as final until effort totals to 100%.  Effort must be reported in whole percentages.

Submitting a PAR date stamps it, locks the data, and stores an electronic signature of the individual completing the PAR.  If the PAR was submitted in error, contact Grant Accounting at to request
the PAR be unlocked.  The PAR will retain the original signature and will be designated as "in progress" until it is resubmitted.

PAR Retention

When a PAR is submitted, the data is locked and the PAR is stored electronically.  The PAR can be reviewed through the Web application by authorized personnel at any time. Faculty members will be able to see their own historical PARs from FY2004 forward at any time.  An individual PAR will remain viewable for at least five years, at which time it may be moved from the Web application to archive data storage.

Access to Completed PARs

Selected collegiate officers and administrators have access to the PARs of their collegiate employees.  Authorized departmental administrators and supervisors have access to the PARs of their departmental employees. Faculty have access to their own PARs.  Occasionally, selected PARs are requested by state, federal or internal auditors primarily to verify that appropriate effort has been posted to specific federally funded projects and to ensure that PARs are being submitted in a timely fashion.  These auditors will usually receive printed copies of the individual Web PAR.

Last reviewed: 12/26/2022