Personnel Activity Report (PAR)

The University of Iowa Personnel Activity Report (PAR) is a Web-based survey used to identify how faculty and selected staff effort is distributed to a broad variety of activities.  Federal guidelines govern who is surveyed, how frequently they are surveyed, effort categories and the time frame in which surveys must be distributed and completed.  Effort reports are also used to verify individual effort on federally sponsored grants and contracts and are subject to audit by federal agencies.  The PAR system is audited annually by the State Auditor's Office.

The first section of the form lists current distribution of University salary.  If an individual has a joint VA Medical Center appointment, this salary will be listed as well.

The next section is for reporting effort on organized research activities and other sponsored activities.  Sponsored activities are those which are funded by external sponsors.  Organized research includes externally sponsored research and University funded research.  To be included as organized research, University funded research projects must have their own accounts, budgets, specific goals and reporting requirements.

The final section of the PAR is for reporting effort to general University activities, including instruction, departmental research, administrative activities, and other University activities including community service and patient care.  If an individual has a joint VA Medical Center appointment, a foil is added to the end of the PAR to report this effort.

Last reviewed: 12/26/2022