Salary Cap & VA Appointments

NIH Salary Cap Effect on Effort Reporting

If a faculty member's total annualized salary is greater than $221,900 (effective fiscal year 2024-2025) and he or she receives salary support from NIH projects it may be necessary to report a higher percentage of effort on the projects than the percent salary distribution shown at the top of the PAR.  Instructions on how to factor in salary cap when posting effort to NIH projects will be attached to each affected faculty member’s PAR.

Reporting Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center Effort

Faculty members who hold joint appointments with the University and the VA Medical Center should, for the purpose of computing salary cap, consider the total salary from both of these organizations as their institutional base salary.  VA salary will be listed at the top of the PAR with University salary.  The University does not require any detailed accounting of the VA component of the individual's appointment, so a single foil at the bottom of the PAR is provided to report all VA activity.  The total effort on the PAR, including the VA component, must equal 100%.

Last reviewed: 01/29/2024