PAR Distribution

Distribution of Personnel Activity Report (PAR)

Requirements for PARs

To meet federal effort certification requirements, PARs are required for all Faculty (Adjunct, Visiting and Emeritus faculty are excluded from effort reporting unless some portion of their salary is federally funded), Professional and Scientific (P&S) staff members, Graduate Research Assistants, Post-Doctoral Research Scholars and General Service (Merit) staff members who receive any part of their salary from federally sponsored grants or contracts or who contribute effort to federally sponsored projects as part of a documented cost sharing commitment.

Distribution and Due Dates of PARs

PARs are created quarterly for Merit staff members.

PARs covering the entire fiscal year will be created after final closing in July for all other staff members.

The PARs should be completed within 60 days of the end of the reporting period.  The end of the reporting period for annual PARs is final year end closing, usually in late July.  Quarterly Merit PARs are created when salary accounting processes are completed, about one month after the end of each calendar quarter.  PAR completion is monitored daily by Grant Accounting, and as the PAR deadline approaches e-mail reminders will be sent to Departmental PAR Coordinators and Collegiate Administrators.

Distribution of PARs

Departmental PAR Coordinators will be notified by e-mail when the PARs are available on the Web and they should pass this information along to faculty and supervisory staff.  The link to an individual faculty member's PAR and to the departmental list of PARs will be located on the Employee Self Service Page.

Last reviewed: 12/26/2022